Monday, May 1, 2017

Temple, Fun Foods, Transfers and a Lotus Parade

The elders decided to enjoy a little game of basketball on their Preparation Day last week.  We have one elder recovering from having a pin removed from his leg, so he's dealing with crutches for a few days.  I told him pretty soon he'll be able to walk as good as me!

On Tuesday we walked out to the street to wait for our ride to the temple.  We had smelled a little smoke, but couldn't see where it was from.  Then about 10 fire trucks came to check on it.  Five minutes later most of them left.

A cute little girl was with her parents at the temple.

A few of our favorite sisters.  We love being in the temple with the missionaries!

After the temple, we walked with the Cannons to get an ice cream.  It is 32 centimeters tall.  "Keep it straight!"

Spicy squid burritos anyone?

Or KFC with kimchi??

Or popcorn?  It's probably 4 feet tall!

The missionaries that came from Vladivostok brought us some Russian chocolate!

These missionaries were due to arrive Tuesday afternoon, but they missed the connection in Seattle and had to be re-routed through Las Vegas.  They finally arrived about 12 hours later on Wednesday morning, but they still had a smile.  They did not have their luggage, it came a different way on a different day!  One of our sisters is from Honduras!  The first sister from Honduras to serve in Korea.

These sisters are very happy because we brought them some Costco sweet potato pizza

And an air conditioner!  It is going to get hot here pretty soon.

On Saturday night there was a parade for the Seoul Lotus Festival.  It is commemorating Buddah's birthday which is May 3.  Thousands of people are in the parade carrying lanterns or playing music or pushing floats.

My photos aren't as pretty as these, but here are some of them.

It was a long parade.  We were there almost two hours and it lasted longer than we did!

The fire-breathing dragon

A Chinese dragon 

A group from Thailand

Mongolian dancer

This was Sunday afternoon.  Each group from the parade had a display set up.

Good music from two strings on this instrument.

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