Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 21, 2017

We had another temple day last week.  Here's Sister Sonksen with her selfie stick making some memories!

Afterwards we stopped by our favorite Mexican food place.

We had a senior service missionary come to our mission.  His calling is to take photographs of missionaries in different cultures that can be used in Church publications.  Here he's getting a shot of some elders teaching an English class.  He said to watch for the photos, but don't expect to see them.  But maybe someday we'll recognize them.  What a fun mission he and his wife are having!

We've been preparing for our mission wide zone conference.  It was this Thursday.

It's a pretty big group when we have them all together.

We had been asked to make sure everyone has a 72 hour kit.  Previously, we had one backpack per companionship, so we had to get some more backpacks so they can divide up to have individual ones.

We had a guest speaker from BYU, Mark Peterson.  He spoke about Korean culture and how we can relate better to the people regarding their traditions and religions.

Then, President announced that we were all going to go to the south side of the Han River (which is out of our mission) as an exercise in the event we ever had to relocate.  It was a big surprise to the missionaries!

We got on the bus and saw these elders on their way.

Everyone made it, some were a little bit later because they had to wait for their train.

Since we were on the other side of town, we took the chance to see the new Lotte Tower.  It is 123 floors, the 5th tallest building in the world.

Elder Cannon said it was just about a mile, but it was more like 5 miles!

This lovely park is next to the tower.

This looks like a Cinderella carriage with all the Disney stuff.

On Saturday, the Sonksens had a "Chinese" BBQ.  It was American food but the missionaries brought Chinese members and friends.

It was a beautiful day for a BBQ.  Then they watched "Meet the Mormons" in Chinese.

As we walked home through the farmer's market after church, we saw this man pounding on some  sweet rice.  They pound it with these big mallets until it turns into a paste.  In Japan it's called mochi (もち).  I don't know what it's called in Korean.

On the train today, this lady was pretty chatty with me.  I did my usual smile & nod (I don't understand you!)  But I told her my husband speaks Japanese, so she started chatting in Japanese.  (I still don't understand you! But I like you!)  We had a good laugh and enjoyed ourselves.

My new friend!

Gotta give a shout out to our grandson who graduated on Saturday!  We're proud of you Jacob!  We're so happy we could watch the graduation on YouTube.

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