Sunday, May 28, 2017

Seoul Folk Museum

We were sorry to say good bye to Elder and Sister Schwieger this week. (Sister Cannon was working as I took a sneak photo of them.)  The Schwiegers have worked very hard out in the Gangneung Zone.  They both served missions in the Seoul West Mission when they were younger.

We also had a new couple arrive this week.  Elder and Sister Ulvestad will replace the Cannons as Military Relations.  The Cannons were their replacement two years ago.  It's nice that they are already familiar with the assignment.  They recognized many people at church today!

Alan and Elder Cannon were planning a visit to an apartment that was in need of some repairs.  On our way home from the office we stopped at our local hardware store for a few supplies.

We just had to show her a few pictures of what we want and she was able to find it somehow!  There's no room for shopping carts here!

We walked past the presidential compound on our way to the Folk Art Museum

This is the "Blue House" where the president lives.

This museum is in the back corner of the palace near our apartment.  We didn't go inside this part when we came here before.

Lots of people were enjoying the day.  These carvings are of civil leaders.

This is a play area where children can play with toys from the old days.  These girls are trying to roll a metal hoop.

This was a grist mill that was turned by horses or oxen.

These are old wooden shoes and traditional men's hats.

Lots of glare on this one, but it is representing the beautiful fabrics used for their dresses.

An early printing press and binding machine

Cable car

Barber shop

Comic Books!  This is probably dated after the Korean War 1960s?

Old time street

Inside were displays about how the people lived in the old days.  This is a depiction of a traditional marriage.  The couple did not meet each other until the marriage.  Hope your parents chose well for you!

This is a bier which was used to carry the deceased to the burial plot.

And we learned that they have traditional performances every weekend.  And all of this is free! This dancer has a long ribbon on his hat.  He turns his head to make the ribbons swirl kind of like a rhythmic gymnast.

We saw that the "Amazing Race" TV show came to Seoul.  They missed a lot of fun cultural things they could have done.  They had them stack cups, make kimchi (done that) and play video games.

At home this week, we had four kiddos that finished Kindergarten!  Plus one going into middle school and another headed to high school.  Add that to our high school graduate and our college graduate.  Our kids are getting old!

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