Sunday, February 5, 2017

Transfer Week

Monday morning we went to visit an apartment of some sisters that needed some help.  This is what we saw when we came out of the subway.  It gave us a chance to practice our sidewalk skating!

Monday night we went to the embassy housing with the Cannons to have a New Year's dinner with the unaccompanied soldiers.  A couple from our branch came too (the Anderson's).  Sister Anderson is Korean so she helped explain about the food and customs.

It did warm up some as the week progressed and getting around became easier.

The new missionaries arrived Tuesday evening.  They come from Utah, Maryland, California, Korea (two from the same ward!) and Japan (!)  We also had a sister return to the mission after having to go home for a while.

The next morning, they had some training, met their companions, and were off to begin their missions. 

But that means we also had to send some missionaries home.  Since the flights were late in the day, some of the missionaries were able to do a few things in the city.

Alan took his favorite young office elder (The Inspector) to check on an apartment.  The upstairs neighbors of the elders apartment has sprung a leak, so those elders have moved into the basement of the mission home and are doing their studying at the office.  They were looking to see if they could find a suitable apartment for them to move to, or if it is better to wait until the repairs can be made.

As we left the office on Friday afternoon, we noticed that there is still some police presence in our neighborhood whenever the protesters show up.  The police had them surrounded to keep a close watch on them.

We could hear another rally on Saturday night again.  But at least they don't break windows and start fires.

On Saturday, we went to get our hair cuts.  We were so good, that we decided we deserved a treat.

Then later we remembered that it's a bad idea to eat fried foods.

We saw this group of drummers too.  This man was a high contender for my "Favorite Korean of the Week" award.  Also in the running were the guys who washed and cut my hair.  And the cute little boy who was sitting on his daddy's lap to get his hair cut.  (I wanted to take a picture of him so much.)  But I think the winner has to be the man who came to fix our water heater.  He wasn't that cute, but it is so nice to have hot water again!

Our meetings were good at church today.  Our sister from the Dominican Republic has to have surgery to replace three discs in her back.  She shared about how she is feeling about it.  She said "Am I frightened about this?  No!  I know I am a daughter of God and that he will take care of me.  I don't know why I have to go through this, but maybe it's so I can share the gospel with the doctors and nurses.  Because that's what I'm going to do!"

You have to admire that kind of faith and courage!

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