Sunday, February 12, 2017

Zone Training, Contemporary History Museum

This week was President Sonksen's birthday.  The Cannons invited us to go to dinner on the army base.  The Nielsons came as well.  Sadly, Sister Sonksen did not have her ID card with her, so we'll have to try another time.  The rest of us enjoyed some time together though.

We are looking at a map of various attractions around Seoul.  We have to plan another outing.

Tuesday was MLC, so the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders were in the office for training.  The next day was Zone Training.  We went out to Wondang and went to the Seoul North zone training.

These young missionaries did a great job with the training.

Afterwards, the sisters asked if I could stay for a lesson.  They're teaching some young girls and needed an adult member to be with them.

Then we went to the sister's apartment in Geumchon because they needed a few repairs done.

We will probably have to go back though, now that we know what is needed.

There's a great walking mall heading back to the depot.

Since we were in the area, we decided to stop at Costco on our way home.

Guess what day it was?  The second Wednesday.  What's up with that??  You have to read the fine print!  So on Friday afternoon we tried again with better results.

Costco is even marked on the subway exit.

This is the price we pay to get to Costco.  Something like 200 steps, then around the corner and across the street!  At least the gravity is helping us when we come down. (I am not complaining, just sayin')

This is the Costco food court worker whose main job is to keep the onion dispenser filled!  It keeps her busy!  That is a lot of onions!  I saw her give a big scoop to a man who was holding out his plate for it.

Alan broke a filling and got to go to the dentist this week too.  But no puppet shows!  But next time he'll get a crown.

When we were out on Saturday, we were just in time for the changing of the guard.

It was cold and windy, but at least we had sunshine.

This is the countdown for the winter olympics next year.  Our release date is one week ahead of the date, so it's good for us too.  The American flag was flying too.  There was a banner here the other day to welcome General Mattis who visited Korea recently.

The police buses were all around City Hall.  Getting ready for the Saturday protests.

Lots of food vendors getting set up too.

Then we went to the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.  It mostly deals with post WWII then through the Korean War and how the country was able to go from war and poverty to much success.  With political upheavals and other problems through the years.

This is an old Japanese mail box left from pre-liberation days.  They were actually made in Korea and they painted over the Japanese symbol for mail.

This is a depiction of the division at the 38th parallel at the end of WWII.  Just five years later, North Korea invaded the South.

This is a model of a US ship The Meredith that was able to bring 14,000 people evacuating from North Korea.  It's interesting to learn how America affected Korean history.

These taxis were built using leftover jeep parts from the Korean War.  The body is made of oil drums that have been hammered out.  From 1955.

This three-wheeled Kia truck is from 1969.

Samsung VCR

The first Korean vehicle export.  Hyundai Pony 1982

They've come a long way from exporting silk and toys to electronics and automobiles.

There's a nice view of the palace from here.  The mission office is behind the palace.  Our apartment building is just beyond the view at the left.

We had our branch conference today so we had visitors from our district presidency.  We were reminded and encouraged to strengthen our own testimonies and to reach out to others.

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