Sunday, September 4, 2016

We had a couple of fun experiences this week.  On Tuesday we were able to go to the temple again with some of our missionaries.  That's a favorite time to be with them.

Afterwards, we found a western-style buffet and had a great lunch.  When we were walking to the subway station a man saw us and said something about "Mormons" and gave us two thumbs up.  So that was pleasant!

When we got off the subway, we noticed that some event was going on at City Hall.  So we went across the street to see what we were missing.  Turns out that it was a Chili Festival.  

Koreans like their chilies hot!

An archway of chili peppers

All the plants at the bottom are peppers too!

Lots of people were buying these bags of chilies and shipping them home.

Meanwhile, the guards were out in front of the palace.  There is always something going on here!

One afternoon we left the office early to head off to Costco.  This was a different location that is a little farther away, but has easy access at both ends of the ride.  We only had to walk a couple of blocks.  I was able to get a photo of someone's plate of onions and ketchup and mustard.  They put down their plate for a minute and walked away, so I took a shot.

I guess they forgot their fork! And the hot dog!  You have to see it to believe it!

And yes, Karine, Costco does have muffins here, but since we have to carry everything, we opted for the frozen vegetables and fruit instead.  (At least this time).

Here is a typical Korean lunch of kimchi, rice, salad with lime dressing, sea weed and a spicy stew.  Alan was with someone else and took this one for the team.  Our language tutor was so envious of this!

And he told us about this place  "Pizza School".  Which, as it turns out is very near our apartment.  We may have to learn how to order in.

We decided to try his favorite, Sweet Potato Pizza!  I thought it would be easier to trust the sweet potato than the sausage!  It was pretty good.  Should have taken a photo of the pizza.  Next time, we'll try regular potato pizza.

We had some visitors at the office too.  Some of the early missionaries to Korea were here to celebrate a 50th anniversary of opening a city.  Should of taken their picture too.  They were amazed to see the growth.  President Sonksen found the old history of their assignments.  It's a miracle how the work is going forward!

Alan went to the Arts Center for a concert.  It was six guys playing Korean drums and cymbals and gongs.  It was a very informal setting.  Families had brought their children and eating on the lawn.

At intermission, they had some games.  The kids could throw balls at the big white thing.  It opened slowly.  When it was completely open, the intermission was over.  Lots of fun!  The other senior couples went to the orchestra concert at a different place in the arts center.  This is more Alan's speed.

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