Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016

We took a trip to Costco with Elder & Sister Cannon on Tuesday.  We will be having a mission activity this coming week and we were getting some supplies for that.  Also some items to put in the missionaries' 72 hour emergency kit.

We filled up four carts (!)  It has got to be the most crowded store ever.  We had quite the time managing these carts.  We even over loaded the escalator and they had to restart it for us.  (Note the Cheetos!)  There is an elevator for the cars to get up to the roof top parking lot.

I got a second chance to get photos of our friends and former missionaries who came to Korea for an anniversary.  It was the first trip back for many of them.  Just before they headed back to Utah.

Friday afternoon while we were out, we came across this concert.  It was high school age kids and they did a great job.  Just a concert going on in the middle of the street.

On Saturday, we explored a bit more.

This is a big market place named Namdaemun.  There are countless stalls in the street as well as lots of stores.  Alan got some comfortable slacks for $10 and I got a cute dress for $5.  And, we found candied peanuts like we used to get in Astana.

On our way home, we went into the museum under the statue of King Sejong.  It has two sides.  One side is about the king who is reported to have been a kind leader back in the 1400s.  He was concerned that so many of his people were illiterate, so he invented Hangeul, the Korean alphabet.

He also studied astronomy and music and warfare.  And he put sun dials all over so people could tell time.


Astronomy device

Musical instrument

This could launch a lot of arrows at a time.  They were loaded with explosives like a two stage rocket so they could fly farther, not to mention start a fire.

Kids can put on a costume to wear while they explore the museum.

The other side of the museum is about Admiral Yi-Sun Shin

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin (충무공 이순신 동상)

He is noted for victories against Japanese invasions in the late 1500s.  He led 23 battles but was never defeated.  

This is a model of his Turtle Ship

Models at the canons

Models at the oars

These boys are trying their hands at the oars

They had some huge swords

And explosives on the arrows

Dragon swords

The Korean fleet was outnumbered, but they prevailed in the end.

There was a 3-d theater about one of the battles.  Our seats rocked like we were on a ship and mist and air blew into our faces.  Like being at Universal Studios!

Meanwhile, back at City Hall, another food festival was going on.

Lots of free samples!

Cardboard recycling is a big deal here

A little street music

Then back through our little streets to our home

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