Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016

Someone asked if we feel safe here.  Yes, we live about a mile from the presidential palace and there's always police around.  This group was standing along the sidewalk we use to walk to the office.

They bring them in by the bus load and they stand there for hours.

Plus, there are crossing guards when the children are going to school.

Tuesday was a temple day for us.  We had a beautiful blue sky!  Afterwards, we had a nice Indian food lunch with Elder and Sister Cannon.

On Wednesday, we were able to pick up our foreign registration cards from the government office.  Since we were close to the shopping area, we went back to check on the tie shops that were closed the other day.

Yup, we found a few ties!  Most of them are $3.00.  This is a wholesale shop, but they will sell to individuals too.  There's any color, plus lots of cute designs of animals etc.  And there are button and sequin shops all over too.  Alan got some that have Korean language on them (Hangul.)

They told him at the temple that his ties were too dark.  That he should wear a lighter color tie to the temple, so we found some that are OK.

We have transfer week coming up, so we've been getting ready for that all week.

Alan & Elder Cannon went to help the sisters at one of the apartments on Saturday morning.  Then, we took off to do some sight seeing.

When we got out to the street to head to the subway, we heard some noise, and this parade was coming down the street towards us.

This one had wheels, but in real life, I think they carried them

One guy was talking on his cell phone

We don't know what the event was, but they had some nice costumes!

Anyway, we were headed to one of the palaces around here.

It is Changdeokgung Palace and Secret Garden

The original palace was built in the 1405 then destroyed by fire during the Japanese invasion 1592-1598 and rebuilt in 1610.  There are several buildings here in the complex.

We had an English tour of The Secret Garden.  This area was only for the royalty to enjoy.

She explained that the square shape of the pond represents the earth and the round island in the center represents the sky.  There was a little dock to fish from that represented men in between the earth and the sky.

This pavilion was a library

The top of this one has a dragon design.  It represents royalty.

It was a warm day.  It had several areas to go up and down, so we were all getting tired.

This is the only one with a rice thatched roof.

There are carvings on this stone naming the place

The living quarters have no color.  That was reserved for the palaces and pavilions.

They think this tree is about 700 years old!

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