Monday, March 7, 2016

February 2016

We had some fun events in February.  We always start with Sunny's birthday on the first.

On the first Sunday, we had the blessing of our new little one, Darren Liam Innes.  All of our Arizona family were able to come to Douglas for the day.

It was great to be together to welcome our littlest angel to the family.

Lots of food and fun.  The kids enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and the older kids enjoyed using the college's pool tables.

We went around the room to make sure everyone was introduced.  Sam introduced his family and someone asked, and Sunny is ??? (Chelsea's sister).  But Jacob jumped in with .. "40!" Made her day!

How about these cute cousins who sat so quietly through church?

Karli & Jacob ended up wearing the same shirts!   Bonus: a photobomb from Michael (and Nate).

Here's the three Innes boys!

We also had a wedding in the family this month.  McKinley is Tina and Kevin's daughter.  It was a beautiful day at the Gilbert Temple.

My sisters and I enjoy getting together.  Just missing Portia in California.

This is the father/daughter dance at the reception.  Who knew Kevin had these moves?

The kids' school district had some activities we were able to go to.  Zack is in this choir someplace.  Karli was in the Jeopary team for her school.  Vail has grown a lot since we moved there in 2002!

We were able to get all of our medical and dental work done.  Thankfully, everything tested out good.  My cholesterol is down over 50 points from the last time it was tested.  We had our interviews with the stake president at our old ward's location.  We had baby blessings, mission farewells and homecomings, and wedding receptions in this building.  Lots of memories!  Look what I found there:

Bryan's name on the Eagle Scout list.  Our other sons also earned their award, but didn't make it on this display.

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