Monday, April 11, 2016

March Madness 2016

Our neighboring Ward, Cienega had a great ward party March Cinco.  We decided it was a good time to go see some old friends.  Sam was asked to help with the decorations.  I caught him working on it.

He does amazing work!

Danno makes a great Pecos Bill!

When I showed this to Damon, he said "I was a girl?"

They had lots of food and fun activities:  Pony rides,

Mechanical Bull Riding,

A Dunk Tank for Bishop Merrill,


Mutton Riding,

Chicken Catching (There goes Amber).  Karli actually caught one!

Chasing a greased pig.  Even though Dylan took a head start, he didn't get one. But Zack did!

We even got to see several friends from the old Midvale Ward too!

And, nobody got hurt!

They may have been the dirtiest kids in town!  But they had lots of fun.

We also got to attend the sealing of some friends at the Gilbert Temple.

We attended our grandson, Jacob's, volleyball game in Marana.

Heather & Nate and the three girls got some happy news, that a baby brother will join them this summer!  That will change everything!

Our Zyon turned 5 this month and had a fun Batman party.

We were at Heather's again on Easter.  Aren't these girls precious?

Then, we headed north to Utah.  We were happy to be able with our niece Krissa and her husband for their sealing at the Provo Temple.  Krissa wore her mother's wedding gown for the occasion!

While we were at the temple, we found our friend's daughter who has recently arrived at the MTC to prepare for her mission to the Philippines.

We have been (anxiously) waiting for our mission call to come, but nothing yet.  I finally decided to call headquarters and was told that we should receive it by the middle of April.  So stay tuned!

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