Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Here's a few highlights of our month.

Here we are!  We're missing Bryan and Gabi plus Chelsea's new baby Darren that was born in December, right after this photo was taken.

We took a ride out to the other side of town to visit our good friends, Toni and Charles.

It was fun to visit our old neighborhood.

This is the house we lived in from 1984 to 2002 when we moved to Vail.

We ran into an old friend at WalMart.  Bishop Leonard has the coolest car in Tucson!

We have been staying with Chelsea and Lamar most of January.  Damon is being a good big brother to baby Darren.

Dylan is keeping us all pretty busy.  Chelsea's giving him a hair cut.  Thank goodness for high chairs and iphones and a little extra help from grandpa!

Since the kids were out of school for MLK Jr day, Sunny brought Daniel and Amber to Douglas to spent a little time with us.  We took the kids to use the trampoline for a while.  They have plenty of energy to spare!

Damon can drive his police car to the trampoline.  If some of the students see him, they yell "Hi Damon!" at him.  He's the most popular kid at Cochise College.

We've been trying to get all our medical and dental appointments finished while we're still on the church insurance.  I was trying to make appointments, without too much success.  "Um, we will have an opening in April ...."  But then I found a doctor that could get us right in.  Hooray!  Tender Mercy!  So we went to Tucson a couple of times and took care of that.

One day, Lamar's parents and sister came to Douglas from Thatcher.  We decided to go across the border into Mexico for dinner.

The food was really good in this cute little cafe.  We were happy to have a Spanish speaker with us!

Then we stopped at the tortilleria for the freshest tortillas ever.  They gave us some warm fresh ones to sample.

One day while we were in town, Karli had a spelling bee.  She had won for her grade at her school, so she went to the district competition.

She did great!

We got to go to Zack's basketball game. Lots of fun grandparent stuff!  

And we got to attend our home ward a couple of times.  Today during Sacrament Meeting, Zack remembered that he was supposed to give a talk in Primary!  Thank goodness for the spirit reminding him (and for the internet)!

Several of the young men in our ward have shaved their heads to support their friend who is battling cancer.  It was fun to see so many with short hair today.  Here's a couple of our favorites:

And our cycle of birthdays is beginning again.

First up in January is Sebastian.

We celebrated Sunny's birthday a little bit early.

She wanted lasagna and our traditional spumoni cake with four flavors and colors of frosting.  When it was gone, Amber went to the pantry and found another box of cake mix.  "Let's make another one!"

This is a photo of the spumoni cake.  I did not make this one, but this is how it should look!

We also got some exciting news recently that we have another grandbaby due this summer!

And to finish out the day and month, we celebrated the January and February birthdays at the Duron's with Fry Bread Tacos (yum!) and a phone call to their sister in Bangkok.

It was a busy month after all!

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