Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fun in Utah, new baby and back to Arizona; Merry Christmas!

We spent a couple of weeks in Utah visiting with friends and family.  We had a great time getting to know Sister Smith's mother, Marjorie and her husband Drew.

Grandma Anderson took us to her club party.  Sister Hallam plays the accordion!

Most of the Utah Andersons were able to get together to celebrate Grandma's birthday.

We even got to hear Elder and Sister Taylor speak in their ward about their mission in Sendai.  Some of our favorite missionaries were there too!

The Provo Temple is almost ready for the open house.

Beautiful Temple Square

We were also able to attend the wedding reception for President and Sister Smith's daughter.  We loved seeing some Sendai missionaries and Sister Smith who was able to come from Japan for a few days.  Seth met us in Salt Lake and traveled to Arizona with us.

Our newest grandson arrived too!  Little Darren Liam Innes is here.  His name gives a nod to his great Uncle Warren and Great Grandpa and Uncle William.  

On our way back to Arizona to meet him, we stopped for a short visit with our friend Peggy that we met in Kazakhstan.  Lots of fun memories.

Chelsea's other boys taking a spin around the parking lot!

It's always a great time at the Duron Christmas Party!

Some wise guys

Amber was a cute little lamb.

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