Monday, November 23, 2015

We made it!

There has been some changes made at the mission home recently.  The garden is looking beautiful.

A new window has been installed for the master bathroom.

We had lots of good byes to say to our sweet friends.

Our friend Yasuki from Walbro invited us to dinner.

We went to our Indo Curry place one last time.  BTW, our friend, the owner finally got his driver's license!

Some of our sweet little sisters surprised us with matching hats.

And our dear Sister Furukawa came by to tell us good bye and send us off with a sack lunch!

Then that last ride to the airport when it was our turn to leave instead of sending someone else off.  They say that when you go home, you will cry all the way to the airport, but you will not miss that plane!

All our connections were on time, without much to spare, so we were happy everything went OK, except when Alan had to remove his belt & suspenders to get through security.  Well, he's lost a few pounds!

Two of my sisters were able to meet us in Phoenix, along with Seth and Heather and her girls.  (Abby had made a pilgrim hat at school.)  Then, Nolan and his family, William, Chelsea & her boys and Sunny and her children met Alan at the Tucson airport.  It was a more emotional reunion than most since we heard the news of losing our dear brother.

On Saturday, they all worked at the aid station for El Tour de Tucson, an old family tradition.  We started doing this for a mutual activity with our old ward and just kept going and going.

Harmony & Kanela got to help former congress woman Gabi Gifford

Seth & I got there at the end of the day

Grandma hug attack!

Grandpa telling stories about Japan.  How did we end up with so many little kids?

Today we got to enjoy the primary program.  And it was a real treat to hear our Jacob bless the sacrament (in English!) and Michael helped pass.  We love our family!

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