Sunday, November 8, 2015

Culture Day, MLC and other stuff

The Tagajo Ward Relief Society had a lunch on Tuesday in celebration of "Culture Day".  One of our elders needed to have his pants mended.  While I was working on them, some sisters came to join me.  We had a nice chat about something!

The sisters made beautiful bento lunches.  This picture was taken before they served the rice.  The food was beautiful and delicious!

Our elder from the last transfer is well enough to come to the mission.  The Smith's picked him up at the airport.  We delivered him and his companion to their apartment.

We're happy he made it to Sendai.  (He's the taller one!)

It was also time for MLC again.  Another "last" for us.

On Friday, the Sakamotos invited us for another barbeque.  We had a great time with them and the missionaries and their investigator.

Alan also had a little incident involving a personal transportation device (bicycle) and gravity.  He hit the ground when his bike slipped as he was moving from the road to the sidewalk.  He has some road rash on his hands and knees and will need to visit our friendly dentist this week.  We're grateful he was not hurt worse!

At church today, one of the sisters told me she would not be able to come next Sunday, so it was time to say "goodbye".  It caught me by surprise how much I will miss our dear friends.

We were excited to see this photo in our FB feed this week!  Our dear friend had the opportunity to translate for a certain American official in Astana Kazakhstan this week.  She helped us with some of our projects and at our church meetings on our first mission.  Since they were visiting the mosque, she had to cover her beautiful hair.

We missed some of our kiddos last week:

Watch out Danno!  I have a big hug I'm saving just for you!

And Nolan's little angels

This was taken when we were in Phoenix a couple of years ago.  It is my brother with his wife and my other brother's widow.  My brother has been having some serious health problems recently.  I have been thinking that I had the best big brothers anyone could ask for.  Once he had a flight to Tucson and had some extra time.  He invited me to bring the kids over to have a little tour of the plane he was flying.  The crew gave us peanuts and soda and we had a great time!

He spent some time in Okinawa way back in the 60s.  He sent us kimonos and Japanese dolls.  He was always trying to surprise us!  Love you, Warren!

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