Sunday, November 1, 2015

Visitors, Visiting Teaching, Family Home Evening, Iwaki, Halloween

While we were having staff meeting Monday, we had some unexpected guests.  Brother and Sister Higashi came by.  They live in Kyushu and served in the Sendai Mission Office a few years back.  They were here when the earthquake and tsunami hit.  When the young missionaries were transferred away from the area, they worked in Ishinomaki which was hit very hard by the tsunami.  They came to visit Sendai and we made new friends!

Brother Higashi is a konji artist!

He gave this to me.  It says "yume" which means "Dream"!

Sister Smith and I were invited to lunch with our visiting teachers at Sister Uchida's house.  When we arrived, our new friends were there too!

We had a lovely lunch and visit.  Sister Yamaguchi played the koto for us and Brother Higashi sang.

That evening was Family Home Evening.

The AP's taught a lesson

This is one of our new sisters serving in Nagamachi Ward.  She told about her grandfather who was one of the first native Japanese missionaries called to serve in Japan after World War II.  He taught a family in Sendai and baptized a beautiful young woman who later became a missionary as well.  Later, they married and had a family, including this beautiful granddaughter who is now serving in Sendai!

On Tuesday, we went down to Iwaki to deliver a bicycle and do apartment inspections.  We had not been down there since we helped the elders move back in June.  We noticed something funny about the curtains in the elder's apartment.  They had hung them with the pretty side facing out!

So, Elder A helped take them down.

These are our fine Iwaki Elders!

We spent a little time visiting the light house there.

They are working on the sea barrier here too.

It was quite beautiful.  And very windy up at the top.

As we travel along the highway, they are often (like every time) doing some kind of road work.  Sometimes they have human flag men to direct traffic and sometimes, they use this guy:

His arm never gets tired, unless his battery dies!

Here's a new poster at our Walbro factory.  The company was first started in 1950 in Detroit.  The company headquarters now is in Tucson, Arizona!

Michiyo (one of my students) has worked here for 30 years!  She must have started as a child.  Another student has recently taken an English proficiency test.  His scores were almost twice as good as they were a year ago.  He thanked me for helping him.  (He also has been watching Friends)

We have had some brick work done on the wall in front of the mission home.  It is looking good!  He is a very meticulous worker.  His next project is tile work in the bathroom in the mission home.

On Saturday we went to K's, an electronics store here.  The bank was having a little promotion and celebrating Halloween.  The game was on an ipad.  Our prize was a package of tissues.  Dang, I really wanted those pretzels!

Our Tagajo missionaries planned a nice Halloween party.

A few of our Eikaiwa kids came

And our elders did their Joseph F Smith imitations.

Hard to beat this one though!

Warning:  Grandma Alert!  Here's a few of our little angels.

Sunny's cute little Ana (Amber).

William's geisha (Karli), Dinosaur (Zyon), another Ana (Kanela) and Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride (Zackary).  Poor little Kanela is not feeling so good.

And Chelsea's little Damon and Dylan who said "Cheese!" but wouldn't look at the camera.

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