Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, 2015

We had a small group at Eikaiwa again this week.  We have had a couple of very windy days.  We have a little bit of snow showers every few days, but nothing too nasty.

They enjoyed a game of "Red Light; Green Light"

On Thursday, we went to the Walbro factory for our English group.  They are scheduled to have an exam next week to see how well they're progressing.  We prepared some sample tests for them.  We'd read a short paragraph and then have them choose the best response.  It was a little bit challenging for them!

Best of all, Thursday evening we were able to go to the airport to pick up a returning elder.  His flight was delayed a day due to bad weather.  We're glad he made it safely!

Some news from back home:

Our grandson, Jacob, has his driver's permit!  I wonder how he'd do on a Japanese driving test?

Will & Sandy's kids had fun practicing with their chopsticks!

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