Sunday, January 18, 2015

Aloha Sendai!

We've been looking forward to this week for quite a while.  President and Sister Smith's friend Lono Ikuwa and his mother have been planning a trip to Japan and offered to make a stop in Sendai and share their talents.  We put out the word to the local wards and dance studios to invite people to come for a hula class.

We had about 50 people who had registered to attend.  The missionaries put up a few decorations for some atmosphere.  People started coming in their slacks and boots.  Then when it was time to start, all of a sudden everyone had hula skirts that they pulled on then wiggled out of their slacks and were ready to dance!  Several of them had a set of rocks to hold and click the beats of the dance.  (Hawaiian castanets?)

I even wore my Hawaii dress (gotta represent for my Hawaiian grandbabies!)  We loved these cute little hula girls that came up front and center.

And look at little "Auntie" loving it!

Lono served his mission in Sapporo, so he talked about how important the gospel is to him and how much he has come to love the Japanese people.  And invited everyone to come to English and to listen to the missionaries.

Some of our missionaries had fun too!

Sister Furukawa lived in Hawaii for a few years so she was loving it.

It was great.  We should have hula every week!

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