Sunday, February 1, 2015

FHE, Zone Training, Snow Day

Apparently these missionaries didn't learn about covering up in a snow storm!  More about that later.

Monday was our Family Home Evening again.  (No cops showed up this time.)  We had a good time anyway.

We had videos, games, music and cake!  This is our 8th month!  Wow, time is flying.

Tuesday and Wednesday were Mission Leadership Council again.

Oops!  I think I cut somebody off.

Oh, there he is!

This one has everyone.

On Wednesday at English, they played a game "Word Snake".  Each person adds a word to make a sentence, then another sentence to make a little story.  They started out: "You" "are" "a" "big" "fat", so we had to start over and play nice.  It turned out to be something about throwing ice cream at the park.  Pretty funny.

The beginner's group practiced the English names of the continents and oceans of the world.

Add in a game of ping pong, and a repaired bike helmet.

Isn't she cute?

He's pretty cute too.  He wants to be a super hero!  (This is a replacement visor for his helmet.)

On Friday, we went over to the Kamisugi chapel for part of the Zone Training.

The Izumi missionaries did a musical number.

These two sisters are going home this next week.  Everyone had signed their pillow cases so they can dream about Japan when they get home.

We went to lunch with some of the missionaries.  It had been snowing all morning, so our walk back to the station reminded us of walking in the snow in Astana.

Except, these missionaries don't dress right for the snow!  (See above).  Most of them ended up with wet hair.

We had Thai food.  It was good, but spicy!

The egg helps put out the fire.  I had lemon chicken.

After lunch we headed home.  It kept snowing all day!  We didn't see any snow plows.  Only a few snow shovels around the train station.  We headed up the hill and traffic was so slow!  The Japanese drivers are too polite to pass someone who's stuck, so we waited, and waited until some of them finally turned around.  When we were almost to the top of the hill, there were some officers asking if we had snow tires.  The cars that didn't have snow tires had to turn around.  Too bad they didn't tell them at the bottom of the hill!  It took a couple of hours to make it back.  It is normally about a 30 minute ride.  One of us had a nap and the other one of us had to practice patience!

Pres & Sis Smith had troubles driving home from Koriyama.  The freeway closed down and they had to drive on the surface streets.  They got home very late.

This is what we woke up to.  

We had sunshine most of the day so some of it melted.  The shady parts, not so much.

Our youth and their leaders and the missionaries sang a musical number on Sunday.

We "might" have played with our little friend a little bit during church.  She is our only Primary child.  (And she knows when it's time to go to nursery!  She has three teachers!)

And I have to give a shout - out to my niece, Emily.  She completed a 100 mile (!) race last week.  She came in the fastest female at 23:36.  (That's 23 and a half hours!)  Amazing!  And she's smiling!

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