Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 13

Wondering where we went last weekend?  We went to ....

The Mall!  Doesn't every town have a mall?  Even if they don't speak English?

The first person we met when we walked inside was a man that we met the previous Tuesday out at the Kakuda factory.  He is a member of the church and a manager out there.  His son had a cub scout activity at the church, so he was spending some time at the mall waiting for him.

Some of the stores at the mall are pretty familiar names

There is a good size parking garage, but lots of people come on bikes too!

Across the street from the mall is this little shrine.

Lots of bamboo around here.

And beautiful hydrangas are all over the place.

Vending machines are everywhere too!

It was our ward conference on Sunday.  This sister wore a beautiful kimono.

And we had a couple of dinners this week.  This was at an Indian restaurant to welcome the Taylors and to say farewell to Sister Rollins.

And we showed the Taylors and Smiths how to find the 100 yen sushi place!

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