Thursday, July 17, 2014

April / May 2014 - Back to Arizona; Conference; Welcome to little Paisley Grace

A week after returning back to Arizona, we got our calls.  Well, actually, Sunny got our calls at her address in Tucson.  Since we were at Heather's in Queen Creek, we got everyone on the phones or skype or whatever was available and had Sunny read the letter to us.  She said "Oh wow!"  It's Japan!

We were called to the Japan Sendai Mission.  Heather said, that's where my friend's parents are as Mission President!  President and Sister Rasmussen are also from Tucson, but we had never met them.  He was made stake president of the Tucson Stake at the same time the Tucson West Stake was formed.  We ended up in the West Stake.

The next week, we drove back up to Utah to take Grandma back home.  We were there over conference weekend.  And, we just happened to luck into a couple of tickets that Penny happened to have, which Seth and I were happy to use!

We had a great time at conference.  Afterwards, Seth saw lots of his friends.

Alan was working on some projects at Scott's house, so he opted to stay home.

We got together with Alan's family for dinner the next day.  Then we headed back to Arizona to wait for baby Paisley to come.

We had fun with the little girls in the mean time.

Little Paisley Grace Williams was born right on time!  Who comes right on their due date???  Heather was a trooper and did a great job bringing little Paisley into the world.  Her sisters were over the moon to have their new baby finally come so they could help hold her.

You have to know Chloe's making big plans!  Look at those eyes!

Then Heather had her birthday.

Sunny and Daniel and Amber came to see Baby Paisley

Paisley is a champion sleeper!

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