Saturday, July 5, 2014

February / March 2014 -- Back to Hawaii / Polynesian Cultural Center

After the funeral for Alan's father was completed, we stayed with Grandma for a while to help her get organized.  Seth and Alan worked in the garage and storage room.

Then we returned back to Hawaii.  In the mean time, Chelsea and Lamar had moved down the road to a larger apartment.  We missed the hard labor, but we were able to help them get more settled.

We talked Grandma into coming to spend a little time in Hawaii too.  She traveled from SLC to Honolulu the middle of March.  We were able to visit the Pineapple Plantation, Pearl Harbor, and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Welcome to Hawaii Grandma!

Who ..... lives in a pineapple???

Gotta love those baby blues!

I love this photo of Grandpa and Damon.  It was cute to see Damon saluting to the sailors!

Alan is out on the Laie Point

Turtle Bay

The surf was really high this week.  It was spring break, but the waves were too high for anyone to go out.

Miniature Golf.

While we were there, they announced a new football coach for Kohuku High School.  They had a "Meet the Coach" night.  The coach wanted to meet little Dylan!

Grandpa and Dylan having some quality time!

This is Damon with his little buddy "Brudda"

And, of course we had to take Grandma to the PCC.  The happiest place on earth!

The Samoan Village

My Samoan friend.  I need to find our old photos with him.


And the canoe show

Then you have to hurry to get a good seat for the Tongan Drum Show!

Love the drum show!

Then a nice canoe ride, and dinner before the evening show.

(When we arrived in Sendai, we met a sister from Laie.  I asked if she has a sister that works at the PCC?  Amazingly, we made a connection.  Megan, above on the right, is Sister Orr's younger sister!

At Waikiki's McDonalds

Ghandi statue at Waikiki

We loved spending time with Chelsea and Lamar and the boys!  We went back to Arizona and took Grandma  with us to visit the Arizona kids.  It is always a little sad to leave our loved ones and the islands behind.

We had thought that we would have received our call while we were at Chelsea's, but it came the week after we returned.  It was mailed to Sunny's house, so when it came, we gathered everyone together and had her read the call to us.

What a terrific surprise to be called to Japan!  Alan has long wanted to return, but we have not been able to make it happen.  More on that next time!

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