Sunday, November 10, 2013

Visiting Organizations / Hockey

Since we're running out of time, we have been trying to tie up some loose ends and finish our projects.  We paid another visit to our friends at Silent World.  They have the new sewing machine set up and are putting it to good use.

A few samples of their work.  This machine is amazing!

Our English group continues to be very large.

This is our friend Dr. Tamara and her assistant Dr. Bektorgon.  She was instrumental in getting the neo natal trainings set up in Kazakhstan which led to the other trainings in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and next month, Uzbekistan.

Do you recognize who Dr. Tamara is with in this old photo?  Hillary Clinton was in Kazakhstan about 20 years ago and took this photo with her.

This is Iman and her husband and daughter.  She runs an organization for poor children in Astana.  We have visited with her several times.

Our sisters' last night at English.  They are very much loved here.

This is an organization for disabled youth (Youth with Disabilities).  The church had helped them a few years ago but we had never met them since we came to Kazakhstan.  They contacted us and invited us to their celebration.  They want to keep a good relationship with us.

This is the director of the organization, Marat, with his wife and a translator.

And .... Are you ready for hockey???

Astana's team is part of the Continental Hockey League.  It was pretty fun.

And these boys by us let me take their photo.

A little video of the warm up.


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