Sunday, November 10, 2013

Almaty Wheelchair Training and Distribution October 15, 2013

This is the Relief Society Room of the branch building in Almaty.  Why is it full of boxes of wheelchairs?  Well, the place that was originally going to store them for the training changed their minds when they saw the number of boxes.  No kidding.  So we went to Plan B.  The elders in Almaty were great at helping us get everything moved to the church.

So, the trainers from Utah got busy preparing for the training.  But too bad some of their luggage didn't make it.  Oh well!

This is the sign outside the church building in Russian.

And Kazakh!

Practice assessments

Practicing ramps and stairs outside.  The weather was lovely!

This cute little lady is a double amputee
This lady wanted to tell us about her son that is studying to be an attorney.
This young lady was in a car accident and lost the use of her legs.  Her brother and his family care for her.  It was one of our highlights to see her get a new wheelchair and cushion to prevent pressure sores.

And in the midst of all this chaos, we had a sweet baptism service.
It turned out nice to be at the church building after all.  The elders were able to give out several Book of Mormons and the sisters also got some contacts.

On Saturday we visited Medeo, in the mountains near Almaty.  There were a lot of people ice skating.  We decided to climb to the top of the dam.  About 800 steps (or 8,000??).  Sister Thalman and I made it.  Could have used an inhaler, but I made it!
This cute family made it to the top with us.
One of our technicians, Steve wanted to hold the eagle.
A little higher up the mountain is the ski resort Shymbulak.  We had a driver take us up where the road ends.  We though he was going to take us over the mountain to Kyrgyzstan!
Later we went to a museum.  A class of kids treated us like rock stars!
And one more thing I had to do in Almaty is visit the Beatles Monument.
We loved these cute kids.  And Elder Thalman had to photo bomb them!
This is the cathedral in Almaty.  We did a little sight seeing before we got on the plane to Atyrau.


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