Monday, September 23, 2013

Almaty / Celebration / Zone Conference

At the end of September, we had the opportunity to have a visit from our area president.  A family in our group offered to let us use their home for a fireside.  It was a great night for us.

This photo is from inside the Han Shatyr Mall.  We had lunch with the missionaries to celebrate a nine month anniversary for one of our sisters.  And we noticed that there is now a dinosaur in the play center.

You may have heard the saying that Apples are from Kazakhstan.  Well, we met a man who sells famous apples from his car.  We were in Almaty to celebrate the 10th anniversary since Kazakhstan was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel.

He let us try them to see how good they were.

This is a landmark in Almaty.  It is a radio / television tower.  Up on this hill is where Elder Nelson dedicated Kazakhstan 10 years ago.

You have to ride a bus to the top.  Well, you could walk, but... we rode.

It was a really lovely day.  A little on the cool side, but a fantastic view!

The presidents are having a visit with one of our favorite elders, Elder I.


The branch provided a lovely dinner for everyone.

This was a huge pot of plov (a rice dish famous in Kazakhstan)


Our little Kazakh friend.

We had musical numbers and messages from members of the branch.

The next day, we had our zone conference.  We had a great time together.

This is a state museum in Almaty that we finally got to visit.  When we tried before, it was closed, but this time we made it. 

This year, the first day of school (September 1) was on a Sunday.  When we were headed to church we saw some kids on the bus.  They all looked so cute in their uniforms and the girls with their hair bows.

I asked one boy if I could take his photo and he shook his head "no"  That's what I get for asking!  We love the cute children of Kazakhstan!


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