Thursday, August 29, 2013

Astana in August

The past few weeks we have been trying to get with some of our partner organizations.  We have checked back with some that we visited last year and have been trying to find some new partners.

We're also trying to get ready for our trip to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan for the Neonatal Projects.  Visa issues are interesting! 

One day while we were in town, a young lady came up to say hi to us.  We had met her on the bus a few months back and she recognized us.  We had invited her to come to English, but she never made it, until last Tuesday when she and her sister came.

Here's a couple of photos from the last few weeks.

One of our members, Anastassia, wanted to learn to make an ice cream cake.  The sisters came over and they made this amazing creation!
At District Meeting, Sis H and I realized we were matchy-matchy!

This is the football (soccer) stadium in Astana.

The players take the field, with some young fans.

The Kazakh National Anthem


Our new family, the Snyder's invited us to dinner.  We enjoyed hearing some of their interesting experiences living in many places around the world.

This Hardee's drive in almost feels like being home in the US.  They even have ice machines!  We only saw one car use the drive thru though.

The Handicapped Children's Organization was doing a back to school clothing fair.  They have been collecting used clothing for several months.  It was fun to see the people choosing some items.

This little girl is in one of the LDS Wheelchairs.  She's a cutie.

Our friend, Talshyn is moving back to Almaty this week.  We'll miss seeing her at English!



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