Monday, August 12, 2013

Another "How in the World Does That Happen? and Other Random Stuff

So today we were walking to church and someone stopped us and asked if we were Americans?  "Yes"  (We actually get that a lot.)  Then he asked if we were Mormons?  "Yes"  (That was a first!)  Are we that obvious??  Apparently so.  It turns out that this young man is from Italy.  He is in Astana for a couple of weeks and was trying to find the church.  We are not on the church web site because we are not an official branch, just a group.  He "just happened" to be walking by us and we were able to trade phone numbers so he can attend church with us.  How in the world??

These are some little "pillow case" dresses we made at a branch activity last fall.  We took them to our friend, Kamka, who runs an organization for handicapped children.  I'm sure she will find some little girls who will appreciate them.
We have been going to practice English again with the workers at Kamka's office.  When we saw them at the Chess Day, they said they were ready to start up again.  It is always fun to visit with them.

This is a pick-up basketball game we went and watched one evening.  Two of our friends that come to English invited us to come and watch them, but they forgot to show up!  We did, however, see another friend we know.  Hapirat loves to play basketball and came for a lesson at our apartment a few months ago.

He said it looks like I have a good shape!  I'll take that as a compliment.  Round is a shape right?
This is how they fish when the river is not frozen.  The fish are tiny though.  But there is almost always someone trying to catch them.
This bridge near our apartment is undergoing a renovation.  They have taken the horse statues down and have ripped the whole thing apart.  We think they might be trying to widen the bridge to help increase the traffic flow.
Our friends recently returned from a trip to the US.  It was so fun to hear their experiences.  They had a wonderful time.  Zhanara was amazed at how people wait in line instead of just pushing their way to the front!
We had a fun evening together at our friend's apartment.

And they enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to me!

Then the next day, our friends surprised me at English with beautiful flowers and a cake!

The farmer's markets are starting up again.


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  1. Looks like you are still having a wonderful time! A couple in our ward just got called to serve in Russia and Kazakhstan will be their first area, so if you see a Brother and Sister Carter tell them "hi" for us :)