Monday, September 23, 2013

Neo - Natal Resuscitation Training Tajikistan / Dushanbe and Khation

We have been looking forward to our NRT trip since we went last year.  We enjoy being with the doctors that come from the US to train the medical teams over here.  This year, it was a longer trip, we were gone for two weeks.

When we arrived in Dushanbe, the trainings had already started.  This is in the same hospital where we were last year, but it was a smaller group this time.  This was a group of mid-wives being trained in a shorter program, Helping Babies Breathe.

We love the beautiful dresses that the Tajikh women wear.

The second day of training was at a large hotel.  The same women who were trained the day before each had a group of about 8 people to train.

This young lady works with UNICEF.  She has the same name as my niece, Kamilah.

There was a wedding party at the hotel and I wanted to get a photo of these beautiful girls in their sparkly red outfits.  The photo does not do them justice!

The Minister of Health of Tajikistan came to issue certificates to the participants.

On Sunday we were invited to the home of a family that lives in Dushanbe for our church meetings.  They are the only LDS family there.  We visited with them last year and it was great to be able to meet with them again.

We enjoyed a meal together after church.  We so appreciate their hospitality!

And they gave us a care package!


The following day, we met at the Minister of Religion's office to prepare the supplies for the upcoming training.  The church provides a lot of materials for the hospitals to help the babies.

All the way from Welfare Square!

The next day, we piled into a van for a trip to a different town.  The team had gone there last year, but we had already returned to Kazakhstan, so it was our first trip.  It is in the poorest part of the country, but where most of the babies are born.  The name of this town is Khation.

It was about a 90 minute ride.  It was interesting to see the countryside.

Our core trainers came out here too and taught another group of mid-wives.

They set up a lovely lunch for us all


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