Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like .....

We're beginning to see these trees all over town.  Every mall and park seems to have one.
This one is decorated with apples and is inside a market.  The security guy didn't seem to mind that I took a picture.  They are really trees for New Year's (see the 2013) instead of Christmas.  But it's pretty all the same.

We even have some ice displays.  We saw them working on this the other day.  It looked like they were building an igloo with huge ice blocks.  They just put some water between the ice.  The next day we came by and they had put these polar bears on the top. 


And they are setting up an ice rink in the parking lot.  This is the same place that had the farmer's market a while back.
So it may look like Christmas here, but we never hear Christmas music.  So, something's missing!  We did see something that said Merry Christmas but since most people can't read that, they don't have to worry about being politically correct!  And for sure, no manger scenes to be found.  It is kind of nice to not have to worry about running around to find gifts!

Underneath all that fur is our little Eileen after English club the other night.  She really did not want to have her picture taken!
So the other day we were trying to meet up with a lady from Atryau about a wheelchair project.  They told us it was by the big statue with the eagle on the top.  So when we got off the bus by the pyramid, we tromped through the snow to the statue.  Then they called wondering where we were.  They were inside the pyramid waiting for us!!  So tromp tromp back we go!

I took this to show how far we had to go back.  It actually looks worse than it was.  But it felt pretty bad at the time!
After our meeting, we were invited to stay for this concert.  They were giving awards to people that support and hire the handicapped.  All the leaders in the ministry of health were there.  (The big shots.)  We thought we'd just sit in the back and enjoy ourselves, but they marched us up to the third row!  The lady in charge of the program saw us from the front row and waved to us!  We met several people we have visited at rehab centers and hospitals.  We didn't realize we knew so many people here!

This young man is an Olympic Gold Medalist from the London Para Olympics this summer.  They said he had carried the flag of Kazakhstan.

We were treated to some traiditional Kazakh opera and regular (Italian) opera.
 We first saw these dancers when we were in Atryau.

Some popular music artists in Kazakhstan.

And apparently this guy is like the Michael Buble of Kazakhstan.  Everyone (except us) was really excited when he came out to sing!  He was pretty good, we just didn't know the songs!

This is a group of hip-hop dancers that are deaf.  We've seen them perform before too.
And lastly, I am so very surprised (and proud) that I got such a good shot of this dancer

It's a good thing he held his position long enough for me to get this!


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