Sunday, November 25, 2012

Strangers in a Strange Land

This week we have been busy trying to get all our projects submitted before the end of November so they can be counted for 2012.  So we have gone all over town getting price lists for computers and sewing machines to donate to the different organizations.  On one of our treks through the park, we came across this little girl surrounded by pigeons.  She had some bread crumbs for them and they were happy to see her.
We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday.  So, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Kazakhstan, but that didn't stop us.  We made some chicken and potatoes and gravy and apple crisp for the elders.  We asked our elder from Russia what his favorite Thanksgiving food is and he said "Chili!"  Maybe next week, Elder!
One of the members in the branch has a car now!  So the elders and Elder A went with him to go and try to track down some of our members.  That left me plenty of time for my Thanksgiving nap!
We did have another celebration on Saturday as well.  One of our branch families invited us all to their apartment for a Thanksgiving Celebration.  It was also a birthday for three of our group!  Emily, Nils and Emin.  Emily explained the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday to our Kazakh friends and how the first Thanksgiving was when the Pilgrims invited their local friends (the Native Americans) to share in their feast.  And to thank them for helping those of us who are strangers in a strange land.

Some of our Thanksgiving spread!  One of our Kazakh friends didn't know you could eat turkey!

Happy Birthday Emily, Nils and Emin!

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