Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Wait!

One of our first stormy days hit on Monday.  The first thing I thought when I looked at this field by the bus stop is how much fun our Zackary would have to play in this snow!

Waiting for the bus

Everyone is starting to wear their winter coats.
The last English class for two of our elders (Mitchell and Harrison) before transfers.

 Galia getting her daughter Eileen ready to go outside!
I wanted to show a picture of my favorite aisle at Green Market, then this lady stepped right in front of me.  The next photo is blurry, but you get the idea.  Then the clerk almost stole my camera from me.  Apparently it's not allowed to take photos in the store!  I might set up my own cookie store or something.
You can bag your own cookies or candy and then get them weighed and tagged.
This is what we were faced with walking to the church on Friday night for English class.  It is so icy.  We have to hang on to each other to keep from falling!

And people keep saying "just wait until it gets cold!"  Excuse me??

This brave soul is ice fishing on the river.  It only iced over a few days ago.  I doubt it's real safe.  Plus the only fish we've seen come out of here are only about 5 inches long!  We saw about 4 people fishing on Saturday.
Alan and Zhana on our way to get her a plane ticket to Almaty.  She is going to sign documents for the church to get a bank account set up for Astana.  Another step in the process to get a branch here.


  1. "Just wait for it to get cold?" Oh, we feel so sorry for you. To see these pictures of you all bundled up from head to toe, and to look at us wearing short sleeves. Life just isn't completely fair, is it! Please keep working hard. We think of you everyday.

  2. I'm loving all your pictures. They bring back so many memories. You will be glad you did this blog. Congrats on reaching your 6 month mark. We all miss you here, but are proud to have you serving. Good luck this winter and Merry Christmas!