Monday, December 31, 2012

One More Party!

A few months ago we visited with the nuns here in Astana.  They have run a soup kitchen for the poor, but have had to stop because they had a fire.  They had mentioned that they could use some help for their Christmas party for the children.  We collected toys from the branch members.  Some toys were also donated by a woman Alan met on his trip back to the US.  When she learned of his mission assignment, she wanted to donate to the children of Kazakhstan, so she made a special trip to the Phoenix airport to deliver them to him when he was returning to Astana.

Our former translator, Emin volunteered to help.  He did a great job as Father Frost and entertained the children and handed out gifts.

They like to get dressed up for parties

The children recited a poem or sang a song for their gifts!

Coolest Grandfather Frost and his Granddaughter



Time for treats!  The elders got to help serve the cake.

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