Sunday, January 21, 2018

Our Replacements have Arrived!

Are the weeks going faster?  Or is it just me.

We welcomed two new couples to the mission this week.  One couple is assigned to the mission office as our replacements and the other couple has a unique assignment to do church history and records management in Korea.

One couple had problems getting here.  The plane they were on had mechanical issues, which made them miss the connecting flight.  They ended up arriving about 14 hours late and her luggage caught up to them the following day.  That was a long day but they were in good spirits and recognized that it had given them an opportunity to help someone along the way.

We helped them get into their apartments and showed them around town a little.  They now know how to get to the mission office, to the temple and to church plus a few other places.  (And back home!)  Once they recover from the jet lag, they'll be fine!

President Sonksen had some health issues this week, so we were glad to be able to help out with the new couples.  He is on the mend now!

We had the youth from the Seoul Stake at the office on Friday and Saturday.  They are on winter break now.  They had lots of fun activities.  They invited us to lunch too.

They were chopping vegetables and cooking up a storm!  We could smell the garlic!  There were rice cookers plugged in all over the place.  I forgot to take a picture of all the kids.  It was fun to have them there.  They served jajong bop (black bean sauce with vegetables over rice).

Tuesday we had temple day with one group of missionaries.  I took this picture to show us the entrance to a home at the temple.

This is right at the driveway into the temple parking lot.  We had never noticed it before!

Right next to the sign for the temple.

The door leads to stairs that go up to the house on the right.  We had an activity for the senior missionaries here Saturday night.

It was a bit crowded, but nice we could get so many missionaries together. (22 I think)   Having it here made it convenient for the temple missionaries to be able to come.  We ordered tacos and burritos from our favorite Mexican food place.  They are so nice to us!

Today was our branch conference.  We were one of the first church units to have the opportunity to sustain our new Prophet and First Presidency.  The speakers emphasized keeping the Sabbath day.  Since we live in Korea, there are often rumors of war here.  We need to be obedient so we can hear the promptings of the Spirit and receive the protection we desire.

We're beginning to tell some of our friends "Good Bye" now.  We have delivered some cookies to our friends at the bank and at the taco place that have been kind to us.  One of our senior couples has completed their temple assignment.  They have extended their call to serve in the area where the Olympics will be held.  We look forward to hearing about their experiences there.

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