Sunday, January 28, 2018

Brrr! Our last Sunday!

We had our last Zone Conferences this week.  Everyone is enjoying their Subway lunch.  Now that some of the missionaries can use Facebook, we don't have to wait until they go home to be "friends"!

It turned cold on us this week.  It got below 0 F (-18 C).  We had to practice wearing lots of layers again.  Some of the mission apartments had problems due to frozen water pipes.  We woke up one morning with no hot water, but we were able to get it thawed out later in the day.

These icy pipes are below one apartment.  The sisters had to relocate because the floors inside their apartment were flooding because nothing would go out the drains.

This cute little lady makes "호떡 hotteok".  It is a dough filled with cinnamon and sugar and cooked on the griddle.  Some vendors use lots of oil on their griddle, but she kept hers pretty dry.  I think she has asbestos hands.

It is a pretty nice treat for a cold day.

We went out to Dongdaemun on Saturday to show the senior couples where some of the best shopping places are.  They were needing more warm clothes than they had expected.  We noticed this indoor playground.  Lots of people were taking advantage of a warm place for the children to play.  It was packed!

We found a cute summery dress for our new baby Grace coming in February.  Arizona sounds good about now!

On the way home from church, I couldn't resist this photo of Elder Reese and his cute companions.  One lady's feet don't even reach the floor!  Not even close!

We could tell that something was going on at the plaza, but we don't know what it was.  But it was loud!

On Saturday, the Sonksens participated in an opening ceremony for the Mormon Helping Hands Center in Gangneung.  It is right across the street from the train depot.  There will be lots of people coming and going to the Olympic Venues here.  We have our Spanish and Japanese speaking elders assigned to this area.  Visitors can come to warm up, recharge their phones and learn about the gospel!  We're already hearing good reports and the missionaries are forming great relationships with the city leaders.

They announced in church that they will have some special visitors next Sunday.  Elder and Sister Gay, Sister Oscarson, Sister Eubanks, and Alex Boye!  They will also have a concert and devotional.  So, well, it will be great.  We will miss it by just a few days.  Exciting times, but we get to go home to our family!


  1. Can't believe it is your time to be going home. You have served the mission well. That's nice of them to throw you a going away devotional and concert. We have been following your very cold weather. What a switch it will be in Arizona. Enjoy every last experience you can! Then enjoy your family!! Love the Schwiegers

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