Sunday, March 12, 2017

Making it Work!

Last week, we figured out a way to get to church.  There is an elevator that goes most of the way down to the subway.  The last leg is a little tricky though because well,

You have to ride the flying carpet the last flight.  It was slow though, so we missed the train and had to wait for the next one!  Someone was kind enough to give us a ride home though.

I had a follow up appointment at the doctor this week.  They took new x-rays and he said I can walk on my heel because the bone is healing!  I am happy to be able to get around a bit easier.  We still use the wheelchair to get out to the street though because that's a little farther than I want to hobble.  And a lot faster.

The other day we were waiting for a taxi to get us up to the office.  After we flagged one down, I was trying to get out of the wheelchair and into the car when out of nowhere, two young ladies ran in front of me and got in.  An older man saw this happen and he went and knocked on the window and scolded them until they got out and said "sorry."  There was another car right behind us for them.

We were going to the office Friday morning and went to our usual spot to get a taxi, but there were police buses all over the place.  We had to go a ways to find an open spot to flag down a car.  Lots of them were already busy though.  We could tell that something was going on.  Then we learned that there was going to be an announcement at 11:am about the president of Korea.  The police were preparing in case of protests.

It turned out that the announcement was that the court decided to impeach the president.  There were no protests, but a lot of people were in the area.  We decided to go home just in case there was a protest brewing.

There were no taxis or buses running, so President and Sister Sonksen drove us as far as they could.  The roads were blocked off near the Blue House (like our White House.)

This view is looking back up the hill after we got through the barricades.  Thank goodness we had the wheelchair this time!

Since there was no traffic, we went right down the middle of the road.  It is much smoother than the sidewalks!  And we hit all the green lights!

There was a big rally as usual on Saturday night.  Maybe this will put an end to all that?  We'll see.

The Goodmans picked us up for church today, but were unable to bring us home, so we did the subway coming back.  We passed the scene of the accident.

Really?  That's all it took to take me down?

Anyway, I'm thankful to be healing and doing better!

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