Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 2 at the MTC

Our second week at the MTC was devoted to mission office training.  Most of the couples in our group had served in a mission office previously, so it was mostly a refresher course and sharing tips.

Monday was my birthday, so we walked down to the BYU Creamery, because they hardly feed us enough at the MTC. (hah!)  And it was fun because we met a young woman from our ward in Vail!  Megan had just moved to Utah to go to school at UVU.

Our Tuesday devotional was extra good.  We suspected we were in for a great night when we were told to be in our seats earlier than usual.  It was not until just before the devotional started that we knew who the speaker was.  Usually they put up a notice of the speaker's name, but nothing this time.  Then everyone stood up and we couldn't see who it was!  But it was Elder Neil Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve and his wife.  It happened to be Elder Andersen's birthday, so one of the prelude songs was "Happy Birthday to You!"  This devotional was also broadcast to all the other MTCs.  It was a very special night.

The new group of missionaries that came in on Wednesday was smaller, only 500 this time.  We watched them getting dropped off by their parents for a while.  Such a tender moment for a family!

After our classes ended on Thursday, we finished up some laundry and packing to get ready for our travel.  Our flight was from SLC to Detroit (3.5 hours), then on to Seoul (13 hours).  We did not have a long layover in Detroit, but we had no trouble making the connection.  The flight turned out better than expected, but still very very long.

We had a long walk and then a train ride to get to customs when we arrived in Seoul.  When the train came, it was almost full.  One of us made it on the train and one of us was left behind.  A girl standing by me asked if that was my husband?  Well yes it was and by the way, I'm so glad you speak English.  Yeah, she says.  I'm from Florida.  It's my first time here.  Okaaaaay!  So she rode with me to the next stop and there he was.

President and Sister Sonksen picked us up at the airport.  It was easy to pick her out in the crowd.  She was the only blonde I could see!  We walked out of the air conditioned airport into the hot humid night and my glasses steamed up!  Just like Kazakhstan, only backwards.  (Going from a heated place out into the cold.)

They took us to our apartment, dropped us off and let us get some sleep.

Bedroom (King size bed)

The furniture has been donated by a military family.  It is a very comfortable place!  The previous couple has prepared very well for us and left us well stocked.

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