Monday, August 8, 2016

July 2016

Lots of fun for the Fourth of July.  It is the first time in 4 years we have been in America on Independence Day!  We went with Chelsea & Lamar's family to the parade in Benson.

They had a fun parade.  Lots of candy being thrown to the kids.

In the afternoon, we went swimming at the Cove in Sierra Vista.  (This is a swim meet that Michael and Daniel swam at in Tucson.  Just like the old days with our kids.)

Then we went to the park to wait for the fireworks to start.  Sam's mother made her famous empanadas.

The kids (big and little) had fun playing waiting for the sun to go down.

We were all surprised to see the T Rex run through the crowd!

The weather was great and the fireworks were fun.

But this little guy was not enjoying the fireworks!

God Bless America!

We were so happy to see that the Angel Moroni is now on the Tucson Temple!  It was put up on July 7th!  Hurrah for Israel!

We went to visit our friends from the old Midvale Ward, the Figueroas.  Their son just returned from his mission and we had a great time catching up with them.

And enjoyed another Sunday afternoon with the Leon/Figueroa/Contreras family.

Then we drove up to SLC.  Bryan and Gabi came from Brazil!

We visited the This is the Place Monument

This is the Mormon Battalion Monument

Pony Express Monument

We were able to meet some of our missionaries from Sendai!

Sister Natalie Orgill was my translator for a while.

We were surprised to see Elder Wheelwright at the museum

Sister Aliya Qureshi wanted to get ice cream too!

We also visited with the Bergesons who were in Kazakhstan when we were there.

And also Alan's cousin Kent and Sondra Pockock who are serving at the Family History Center.

Then, to Logan.

The head stone is now in place on my brother's grave next to my parents.

The Hadfield Reunion was Friday & Saturday night July 15 & 16.  We celebrated my grandfather William's 130th birthday in Max & Marie's beautiful back yard.

We had a pretty good showing for the Myrl & Foster Allen clan.  Only Becki and Gordon's families were not represented.

One of my favorite photos!  Aunt Vonda loves Seth!

Lots of fun and games at River Heights Park.

Then we took a drive through Logan Canyon to Bear Lake.

It is gorgeous up here!

We had a fish dinner together.

We were looking at the fish pond and noticed an eagle in the tree


Next, we went to Idaho Falls to visit Nolan & Keree

We went around the lazy river hundreds of times!

Until they were finally worn out!

Along the way, we saw some beautiful buildings & temples

Brigham City Temple

Brigham City Tabernacle

Logan Tabernacle

Logan Temple

Not my photo, but I love it!

Provo City Center Temple

Bryan and Gabi returned to Brazil after we got back from Utah

We had a great visit with them.

We were assigned to speak in church on July 31, the day before going into the MTC.  On Saturday morning, Heather called to tell us that she thought she was going into labor!  So Sunny and I drove up to watch the girls while she went to the hospital.  But it turned out that the hospital sent her back home, that the baby was not quite willing to come yet.  So we returned to Tucson early Sunday morning so I could give my talk about testimonies and temples.  Alan (bless his heart) was willing to give my talk too, but didn't have to in the end.  Just a few more centimeters and I would have been able to see the baby before leaving for Korea.

We had a nice afternoon at Sunny's.  It was fun to listen to them laughing and playing together.  We had Sunny's, Will's and Chelsea's families.

We went to President Henderson's to be set apart.  It was a sweet experience to have our sons participate in that.  And we had a good visit with the Hendersons.  Then the kiddos wanted to check out their back yard for some reason.

We'll miss these kiddos.  It will be fun to see how much they grow while we're gone!

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