Sunday, September 6, 2015

Transfer Week Again!

Wowie!  This week was a doozy!  We were busy on Monday getting ready for the transfer.  On Tuesday we made a quick run to Yamagata to pick up / deliver some bikes to prepare for the transfer.  And we made a quick stop at our new favorite store down there too.

Then that evening, this pulls up at the mission home:

It was a nice bus to take us to the airport to pick up our new missionaries.  We had such a big group, it was more than we could handle with the mission vehicles.  Plus, it was nice to not have to worry about traffic getting to the airport.  We could just enjoy the ride.

The plane was late, but they finally started coming out with their luggage.

What a great group of missionaries!  Three sisters are from Japan, four elders from Utah.  They also come from the usual places like Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington and from more unusual places like Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas!

On the ride back, we were able to get some documents signed to get them registered in Sendai and enrolled in Japan's national health care.  And, some of them needed health care right away.  They brought a few bugs with them from the MTC.

We had luggage everywhere!  We practically had to climb over it to get to our desks!  I started sending emails to the parents with photos of their missionaries.  I got a couple of messages back saying, "Thanks a lot for the photo.  This is a nice missionary, but he's not mine!!"   Well, it was getting late.  I think everyone finally got the correct photos!  I always say that we are volunteers and we're worth every penny!

The next morning, they were able to meet their trainers.  The training was held at the Sendai Stake Center in Kamisugi.  It was fun to see how well they matched up with their trainers.

Well, maybe except these two!  They may not look like a match, but it turns out that these two missionaries and their families have known each other for many years.  (And President Smith was not aware of that, just following inspiration from the Spirit!)  So it was a sweet reunion and another "Mission Miracle!"  I just had to "borrow" this photo from Sister Smith.

So, well, we're working on some bicycle issues with this one!

They received a lot of materials and instructions, including their iPads.

That evening, we had some extra missionaries at our Eikaiwa who were in town getting new companions.  One of the new elders was assigned to Tagajo.  He told us he's never been so frightened riding a bike in the traffic, in the dark, on the narrow streets, with cars coming at him (on the wrong side of the road!)  He's loving it here!

Our new elder bore his testimony in church today.  It was great.  I could understand almost everything in his slow, beginner Japanese!

The next morning was new leader training.

That morning we also had four new office computers installed.  Which turned out to be a little more complicated than we expected.  Actually, it was like total chaos for a while because we were trying to get some things done, but couldn't find it on our computers.  Anyway, we're working it out.

And then it was time to get the returning missionaries checked out.  I finally got all the documents translated and printed!

It was a smaller group since many of their group left a few weeks ago for school.  Two of the missionaries had their parents come to pick them up on Thursday night.  So, only one had to go to the airport Friday morning.

Meanwhile, back on the other side of the planet.  Two of our sons and their wives had anniversaries this week.  For Nolan and Keree, it was their 8th and for Bryan and Gabi, their 7th.

Meanwhile, in Idaho, it was time for back to school:

Perry is going to first grade, Harmony into Kindergarten

Sebastian gets to go to Pre-School

And Emmett's hanging out with Daddy!

And having a birthday.  It's been two years since he made his arrival in the parking lot of the Baptist Church in Idaho Falls!

And Chelsea's little Damon didn't want his picture taken for pre-school!  And he's not even 14 yet!

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