Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain! And MLC

I think the rainy season is supposed to be in June, but it came late this year.  And it has been consistent.  Wednesday was the monthly Mission Leadership Council for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  We took the photo indoors this time.  I thought it'd be cute to have them with their umbrellas!

A couple of typhoons passed by Japan this week.  At Eikaiwa on Thursday, one of my students showed me some news footage of flooding north of Tokyo.  We did have alarms go off from our phone warning of possible mud slides.

The river had overflowed its banks here.  (This is in Ibaraki Prefecture north of Tokyo and out of our mission area.)  There were also news reports showing the LDS Helping Hands yellow shirts working on clean up.

Bus and train service was limited on Friday.  Some of our missionaries were unable to travel to their Zone Training.  They were able to participate via skype however.

Things in the office have settled down quite a bit from last week.  We're working on getting everything organized for our replacements.  And we are starting to prepare for the upcoming transfer with a large group coming again from the MTC and 10 leaving to go home.

The other day we heard a lot of noise outside our apartment.

The workmen are putting up scaffolding all around the building to prepare to paint the building.

It was odd to hear people right outside our windows since we're on the second floor!

They have been spraying the building off.  I'd of thought the typhoon did a good enough job of that!

Now the building is completely wrapped.  Claustrophobia anyone?

On Saturday, the sun was shining!  We drove out to the farmer's market.  Our friend out there told us that they had to be closed for three days due to the rain.  We had one detour for a road that was closed due to a mud slide that washed a wall of solar panels off a hillside.

There was plenty of water in all the rivers and it looks like some of the crops were damaged by the wind and rain.

Here are some scarecrows.  Fall is on its way.

After church Sunday, the ward members went out to deliver flyers to some of the neighborhoods.

Folding the chidashi (flyers)

Afterwards, we had a light lunch.

And a very happy birthday to our dear Zackary!  He was born on 9/11 2005, ten years ago.  Who loves you Zacky?  (With his beautiful mother Sandy)

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