Sunday, June 14, 2015

Transfer Week Again!

After our staff meeting on Monday, we were invited to see the Elder's apartment upstairs.  The elders had worked hard to get it clean and organized before transfers.

They have plenty of futons for when they have extra elders here.

Looking good!

One of our elders was returning home, and wanted to go to Stamina for lunch.

We had a great time!

We have amassed quite a lot of trash in the garage at the mission home.  Alan went with a brother from Nagamachi Ward to the "Garbage Disposal Facility".  This shows the weigh-in station.  First they weigh your vehicle.

Then you put your stuff down a chute.  And they weigh your vehicle again and charge you the appropriate amount.  It looks pretty clean for a garbage place.  They burn most of the trash here.

And on the way back, he almost got a photo of the pink cement truck.

That evening we went to the airport to pick up four new missionaries.

After their training the next morning, they were ready to go to work!

Wednesday night at Eikaiwa, we had some extra elders due to the transfer schedule.  Some of them had served in Tagajo previously.

They were trying to catch the people using Japanese instead of English.

On Thursday, President Smith asked us to go to Tsuruoka to pick up an elder who had been in the hospital.  It was a beautiful day.

Elder Hansen came from Tokyo to help with the medical issues.

At the hospital there's a vending machine for face masks if you need one.

And, of course, there's always a bicycle issue to check on.

Driving back to Sendai, we saw these amazing cherry trees.  They take good care of their trees around here.

Thursday afternoon, the returning elders started arriving at the mission home.

Then Friday morning, bright and early, it's time to load up and head for the airport.

Do they look happy or what?

All checked in and ready to go!

In this group, we had one returning to Australia, one to Canada, one to Pennsylvania, three different cities in California and the remaining 7 to Salt Lake City.  It must have been quite a reception at the SLC airport!

God be with you, Elders!

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