Sunday, June 7, 2015

Iwaki Apartment, Mission Leadership Council

On Monday, the tech people came to train us how to use our new printer.  And try to answer our other computer questions.  It was a partial success, but we're pretty happy with the new printer.

On Tuesday, we headed to Iwaki to help the elders move.  We were closing down two apartments this time.  The dreaded apartment up on a hill and the former sister's apartment with the scary bathroom.

Here we go!  Load 'em up.

I love Elder B's socks!

The new apartment is great!

It already has a built in stove.  And counter space!

The outside of the building looked old and, well, pink, but it is newly refurbished inside.

And fresh tatamis

This used to be the sister's apartment

And this was up on the hill.  The apartments looked bigger when they were empty, but they were both pretty small.

And, of course, they had some trash to dispose of.

And we were able to find them a table and chairs at the recycle shop.  They will be able to eat together now!  We enjoyed spending time with the elders.

When we got back to the office, some of the missionaries were arriving for the MLC meetings.

These three sisters have all served with us in Tagajo.  We had to send Sister I. home on Wednesday due to some health issues.  And, we had another sister go home for medical reasons today.  (I forgot to take her picture!)

On Wednesday morning, we were invited to meet with the missionaries for MLC.  President Smith had asked all the missionaries to fast.  We reviewed the notes from when Heber J Grant and his companions came to open the work in Japan.  We sang the same songs and had a testimony meeting.  The notes of that day said that the weather was gloomy.  And we had gloomy weather also.  A few sprinkles, but no rain.

Then we walked up a nearby hill overlooking the city and found a grove of trees.

It was a beautiful place, but there were some workers cutting down trees, so we walked in a little deeper to find a quiet place.  And then, the workers went on lunch break, so it was quiet anyway.

It was a nice time to be together and pray for the Lord's blessings on our efforts and to rededicate ourselves to the work.

Here are our zone and sister training leaders.  We love them all!

This little garage is along the street where we walked.  You have to own a small car to fit it in this garage.

Two of our little angels had birthdays on Tuesday

Harmony turned 5

And Damon turned 4.  Love these kiddos too!

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