Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hinamatsuri Dolls, Family Home Evening, Rodeo Parade!

This is a Hinamatsuri display that a family gave to the Sendai Mission.  It is a display for Girl's Day or Doll's Day celebrated on March 3rd.  The dolls represent the emperor, empress and court from the Heian Period (794 to 1185.)  (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

Our little tiny friend has completed her mission!

It was our Family Home Evening Monday night.  The missionaries serving in Nagamachi provided a musical number.

We had a fun game and a message about service.  It was a great evening.

Last chance photos with the APs

Then, Tuesday morning, we were off again to the airport.  I wonder how many times we will go back and forth to the airport?

One of our Japanese sisters' mother passed away.  She was given permission to go home for the funeral, so after taking Sister Shitami to the airport, the president sent us to the train station to pick up her companion to stay here in Sendai until her companion returned.  Her mother knew that she was ill, but wanted her daughter to have the opportunity to serve her mission.  We have also had a couple of elders lose their grandparents recently.  These young missionaries show so much faith to carry on.  

This week was busy with more zone conferences.  The last three were this week.  We were asked to attend the conference in Koriyama.  It is our smallest zone.  We enjoyed meeting with our missionaries.  We were asked to give a short presentation about "Companionship".  I wonder how many transfers are in 40 years?  Each of the senior couples had the chance to speak to one of the zones.

A father of one of our sisters in this zone is currently living in Astana, Kazakhstan and trying to get through the visa challenge to get his family to join him.  We were able to show our sister missionary some photos of Kazakhstan and tell her what a fun place it is!  She asked what we liked the best about it and we had to say "the people of Kazakhstan are the best!"  

Meanwhile, back at home, this week is Rodeo Days in Tucson.  My son-in-law and grandson were in the parade representing the Mormon Battalion.  

The Mormon Battalion raised the American Flag for the first time over Tucson in December, 1846.

My great-great-grandfather, Ezra Hela Allen, was in the Mormon Battalion.  I know Grandpa Allen would be proud that his family remembers him.

There is a church video that tells his story.  "A Legacy More Precious than Gold".  It is on YouTube.  It's also available on a video at

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