Sunday, March 8, 2015

Akita; MLC; Zone Training; Barbecue!

We have visited another town in the mission.  Only a few more that we still haven't been to.  Now that the snow is going away, the missionaries are needing to use their bicycles more.  On Tuesday, we drove up to Akita to exchange some bikes for the sisters and elders.

We also got to spend a little time with a local member, Brother Checketts.  He and Alan were on their missions together back in the day in Kofu.

They enjoyed remembering the old times and catching up over the past 40 plus years.

The snow is gone in Sendai and in Akita, but in between, there are still some places with plenty of snow.  This is a rest stop along the way.

We saw lots of places where the rice farmers are getting their fields ready for planting.  Spring is trying to get here!

It was also time for the Mission Leadership Council this week.  The sun came out just long enough to take a photo.

The tree trimmers have been in the neighborhood this week.  (Before)

They did the mission home's trees last Saturday.  (After)

At Eikaiwa, we played "Heads Up 7 Up".  I remember playing this back in elementary school.

On our way out to Kakuda on Thursday, we found this car "SUNNY" (over the left tail light) for our daughter.

Friday was Zone Training Meeting.  We have three missionaries from this zone going home soon, so they were given a special "treat".  Cake from their companions (while they were blindfolded).

So they'll remember how much they are loved here!  This elder got a second helping of the rest of the cake and frosting.  He loved it!

Our two Tagajo missionaries with their banners.

Then we went to lunch with our Tagajo missionaries.  It's called Shaba Shaba.  You cook your thin sliced meat and vegetables at the table in the hot broth.  It was very good.  All you can eat and then some!  And ice cream too.

And on Saturday, another fabulous barbeque at the Sakamoto's.  Getting the pizza oven ready.

They wanted to have the missionaries over before they go home.

No wonder we're tired when the week comes to an end!

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