Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tako Party; Sea Shore

After church last week, the Tagajo Ward held a "Tako Yaki" Party.  This is not the Mexican tacos that we all know and love, but tako (as in octopus) cooked inside a little round ball with onions, cheese, who knows what.  It could have shrimp, squid, hot dog pieces?  Anyway it's a pretty fun party dish (as long as you're not the one cooking).  Reminded me of abelskivers, which I have never had either, but it's like a round ball of pancake type batter with something inside.

And of course, Alan had to give it a try!

While they were cooking, the missionaries did some practice lessons and some sisters did their Visiting Teaching.

On Tuesday afternoon, we went out shopping for some supplies for the emergency packs, and also getting some things for a new couple that's coming soon.  The shop was close by the ocean, so we decided to see if we could get close enough to walk by the shore for a while.

They have built a huge wall all along the shore line here.  It is right behind the Sendai Airport.

This photo shows that this area was once covered with houses and farms.

Almost everything was washed away by the tsunami.  It's hard to imagine the force of that wave.  From up on this little hill you can see the ocean over the barricade.  You can hear the waves.  It would have been a lovely time to stroll along the beach, but you can't get to it.

There are a few raised hills that you can go up to look out.  They are building an area behind the wall with barricades and planing trees among them.

One lonely building remains.

As you get nearer, you can see that it suffered much damage.

Lots of work still to do.

It is a beautiful place with a somber mood.  One of the members in our ward lost his son in the flood.  One of the men at the factory in Kakuda lost his family and home.  It's hard to imagine.

Wednesday was another dentist appointment.  It is my final appointment.  One more puppet show!

Sunday afternoon, we took a ride to Yamagata to deliver a bike to a sister missionary.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the scenery.  We came across a few more unusual warning signs.  I'm afraid this is too blury to see, but it was for a chimpanzee??  Anyway, some kind of monkey.

You may have to just take my word for it, but it's interesting here!

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