Monday, September 29, 2014

Family Night / Autumn Equinox / Furukowa

Monday was our Family Home Evening at the Mission Home again.  The Sisters from Kamisugi did the musical number.  It was wonderful.  We had a cello, a violin, piano and voice.  "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go"

We were in charge of refreshments.  Sister Rollins left her popcorn maker and some popcorn here, so we were making popcorn all night.  Mostly plain, but also some kettle korn.  Everyone loved it.

Tuesday was a national holiday.  It is Autumn Equinox!  We had a party at the ward in Tagajo.

Here's our little cutie Sumi

Then we went into downtown Sendai to meet Sister Furukawa.  She is the cook for the mission and she was helping us with some shopping (and sight seeing.)

We passed through a park on the way and discovered an October Fest was going on.

Note the German and Japanese flags

At the mall, we discovered a fashion show was going on

Oops!  Security doesn't like photos of the "fashions!"

These little side streets off the main mall are like the olden days shops.  It's probably a big draw for night life.  Lots of little cafes and bars and boutiques.  They were mostly all closed for the holiday.

As we passed by these boys, they said "Hello".  We were so surprised!  First, that they spoke to us, and second, that they spoke English!

Showing the peace sign!

They were waiting for their grandfather who was inside the store.

On Wednesday, we drove back up to Furukawa and put the beds and some shelves together.  We had one elder going home.  Elder and Sister Hill brought him to meet us then we brought him back the rest of the way to Sendai.  This gave him a chance to say goodbye to the Furukawa elders.

We sent Elder McClellan home with a bang!  We had an earthquake during the night and a rainstorm Thursday morning.  But we got him to the airport on time!

Our missionaries had a musical number on Sunday.  Sister Smith goes home on Friday and three of the others are being transfered this week.

After church, the bishop gave everyone a chance to say nice things about Sister Smith while the RS sisters prepared a little snack for everyone.

My visiting teacher discovered that she missed my birthday (two months ago) and decided we were still going to celebrate.  We (Sis. Smith, Taylor, Shitami plus my 3 visiting teachers) went across the street to a little cafe and had a wonderful lunch.  And a fabulous cake!

Happy Birthday to Anderson Shimai (that's me!)

And for you construction fans, in the previous photos, there was a six inch deep footer around the building.  Now they have poured the slab on top of that footer.  However, they are not tied together at all. The floor is about 16 inches thick (!)  Four inches goes down into the same hole for the footer and they put rebar on 6 inch centers everywhere.  So it looks like the first floor can slide on top of the first footer.  Handy for earthquakes, apparently.

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