Monday, July 15, 2013

Independence Day at the Embassy

One of the many statues around town in anticipation of Astana Days

We went to help at the dascha.  This is Sister Vera's neighbor, Babushka Katia.  She has a lovely garden and shared the sweetest strawberries with us.  We enjoyed our visit to her humble home.

There was a particularly windy day recently.  We saw branches from trees all over the place.

Happy Birthday to Elder A at this Japanese Restaurant.  Even though we got off the bus at the wrong stop (and had to walk in the rain) we had a nice lunch.
We almost cleaned our plates!
This is the American Embassy in Astana.  We were able to attend the picnic there.

There are quite a few Americans in Astana

Lots of goodies to share

Our friends, the Morris' who have now moved back to the US


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