Monday, July 15, 2013

Astana Days

Astana Days is a celebration of the capital city of Kazakhstan.  It has been the capital for 15 years.  There are celebrations all over town for several days.  It also celebrates the birthday of their president.
Here are a few photos we took over the weekend.  You can tell we had some crazy weather.

This was a hip hop contest we passed on our way home from English one night.

Everyone was back in their jackets.
After we left the hip hop.  We got on the bus since it was sprinkling, and the bus was right there.  Then, Alan says, let's get off the bus.  There's elephants out there !!  Well, that's something you don't see every day!  So we walked back to where we got on the bus watching the elephants.
I said I had to get a photo of that or no one would believe that we saw elephants on the streets of Astana!

The next morning it was beautiful sunshine again.  This is a display of many traditional Kazakh costumes, music, art etc near Han Shatyr Mall in the background

Her dress covers half of the horse too!


This is how they make their beautiful rugs




These are the tallest Kazakh's we have ever seen.  They must be on the basketball team.
Oh, and the TV crew got us again!  I got invited to offer my congratulations to Astana.  One of our friends at English said she saw me on TV and that my Russian was perfect!

This is the new opera house that has just been completed

These cute kids are getting ready to perform.

And these cute babuski are getting ready to perform!

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