Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wheelchairs and a visit to the Mosque

We went to find the travel agency.  They warned us that the road was torn up a bit!

These young men were at the wheelchair distribution in May so they were trained in how to assemble the chairs.

The cushions were delayed in customs, so it took a while to get these chairs distributed.

More wheelchairs.  These are headed to the outlaying areas around Astana.

The Church's name is on the back of all the wheelchairs.

If I had to be in a wheelchair, this is the kind I'd like.  It is called a Rough Rider to help handle the less than ideal roads, etc.

Alan took a spin too.

And our translator, Alina took a spin.

Kamka, the woman delivering the chairs, Alan and Alina and I and some of our helpers along with the chairs and walkers being distributed.

Alina is trying out the carrot costumes.  Kamka's organization got an order to make costumes for a children's programing coming up in the fall.  They have made carrots, apples, strawberries and they look amazing!

These are the older kids at the day care center.  This young man loves to perform karaoke.

Our Welfare Manager, Dima came from Moscow.  He and Alan are enjoying the river view.

This is the Astana Music Hall.  It is in the shape of a Kazakh jug.  You can see some workers on top.

This is Highvill (no e).  This is where most of our American ex-pats live.  They work in the US Embassy and the University.  And, they have air conditioning!

This is the U S Embassy.  It was nice to see an American flag!

No sidewalk on this road yet, so we did the overland trail.

The new mosque.

Here you can see the pyramid in the background.  It was a beautiful day with blue skies!

Beautiful chandeliers inside the mosque.

Everyone is asked to remove their shoes.  The women are asked to wear these robes.  It's a different look for me!

Alan and Dima are taking a closer look.  Women are forbidden in the central area.

Dima is trying to figure out the menu for lunch.  We are at an Arabian restaurant.  Another adventure!

We were too early for the belly dancers, but we had a great time anyway.  The chicken shish ke bobs and fresh bread were great!

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