Saturday, August 25, 2012


Pirogovo is an outdoor museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine.  We had to check out of the hotel and our flight left Kiev at 9 pm.  And the temple was closed, so we spent some time at this outdoor museum.  It is 350 acres and I think we walked all of them!  It is interesting to see how the people have lived throughout the years.  It rained for a little while, but the weather was quite nice to be outside.  I kept thinking of "Fiddler on the Roof" all day.

These are Soviet era cottages.

Beautiful artwork and a photo of Lenin.

Amazing wood carving

This lady is playing a stringed instrument.  Very lovely music.

This man is playing an instrument that sounds like a soft version of a steel drum.

Ukrainian handiwork in a typical house.

The sides of this building are woven branches.

This house had a baby bed hanging from the ceiling.  I bet little Amber would like that!

Butter churns and baskets

An OLD wheat grinder

Inside the little wooden chapel.  I did not expect to see such an ornate chapel.

These yokes are hand carved.  Beautiful and useful / if you have cows or oxen.

Some of the houses were more decorated.  On the left is a storage chest on wheels.  It looks like it is also used as a table.

This one had a large variety of pottery.

The church bells at one of the churches.

A map of Ukraine and the various regions represented at the museum.

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