Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seoul Wall and other Random Things

This is our elevator in the apartment building.  They used an "F" instead of "4".  Asians often skip "4" because it is considered unlucky.  In Sendai, our apartment numbers skipped #4.  And the subway stations here go from #3 to #5.

This is a little noodle factory near our apartment.  The man is catching the pasta as it comes out of the machine.

Sorry it blurred!  The sisters were enjoying watching Elder A replace their bathroom door knob!

Not sure why they need a "Guitar Room" at the subway station??

Alan noticed that the street behind our building has cherry trees!

The chicken restaurant was having a very busy day!

Elder A went to one of the apartments to have air conditioning installed before it gets hot.

The installer had to drill holes in the wall for the outside part of the a/c unit.

This is his drill.

This was removed from the wall.

This is his "king size" hammer.  6 inches long

Alan went with some of the members and military men on a hike that follows the original city wall of Seoul.  He took a few photos with his (not so smart) phone.

It's going to be a long walk to Seoul Tower.

This part of the wall has a place to build a signal fire.

Some nice flowers by the base of the tower.

Elder and Sister Nielson were feeling the love!  Since the temple is closed, they were able to go too.  Sister Cannon has hurt her knee, so she and I missed this outing!

There are some places that people put padlocks as a sign that their love is locked and will never be broken.

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