Sunday, January 1, 2017

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!

Our Christmas Eve this year was spent with the unaccompanied service men.  We were able to use the US Embassy housing facility, so it felt like being in a home,  We even had Christmas Carolers!  This sweet family from our branch came by to sing for us after dinner.

We had fun visiting with the servicemen and playing games.

Sunday morning we had just Sacrament Meeting.  It was fun to see the children dressed in their new Christmas clothes and happy (and sleepy) after their exciting morning.  It was great to remember the Savior's birth on the Sabbath.  Plus, we were able to have a baptism service for a new member.

Christmas night we had dinner again after the Sacrament Meeting on base for those who are not able to come at the regular church time.  The elders were able to come too.  They're happiest when they're being fed. (Or having baptisms!)  Thanks to Elder and Sister Cannon for inviting us.

When we were waiting for our bus to go home, these two semi trucks came down the street.  They were all lit up and had Christmas carolers spreading good cheer.  We got to see the back side of the truck, but we could tell they were very enthusiastic!

We had a later staff meeting on Monday.  That gave us time to make our Christmas calls.  Instead of Monday morning, we met in the evening and had dinner at the mission home.

We had zone conferences during the week.  For one of them, the office elders traveled with the Sonksens and held the conference out of the city.  But we had them at the mission home on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We helped serve them a lunch of breakfast foods.  Pancakes, egg bake, sausages, and fruit.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it very much.  We were too busy to take photos though!

We received an email from a missionary couple that has been called to our old assignment as humanitarian missionaries in Astana.  We were excited to know that the work there will continue to be in good hands.

As we went to bed on New Year's Eve, we were trying to decide if the noise from outside was a celebration or one of the usual Saturday night protests.  We decided that it sounded more like a protest than a celebration.  Koreans celebrate Seollal (solar new year) which will be January 28.

But, Happy New Year to all.  We were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting today.  I was asked to speak on how to get answers to gospel questions and Alan spoke about gaining a testimony.  We've had our turn for the year already!

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